dir. Laura Hermanides


A 12-year old Dolly is a bit boyish, but is keen to feel like a beautiful and seductive girl. A friend helps her with a dress and makeup. When she comes home, her parents have to leave unexpectedly and a friend of the family will be babysitting. A short movie about a  girl who plays a dangerous game with unforeseeable consequences.



Sundance Channel 2016, Brussel (May, 2016)
Sundance Channel Shorts | won: Grand Jury Prize (broadcasted worldwide)

ShortCutz Amsterdam, Amsterdam (January, 2016)
Best Film Competition | won: Best Film
Best Director Competition | won: Best Director
Best Actress Competition | won: Best Actress

Cordoba Film Festival, Colombia
International Film Competition | won:  Best International Film

Leuven International Short Film Festival, Leuven (3-10 December, 2016)
won: Special Mention