dir. Elsbeth Fraanje   A documentary that captures unexpected confessions along the German highway. An amazing journey that shows confrontation between the daily grind and our secret fears or passions.     Netherlands Film Festival, The Netherlands (20-29 September, 2017)  Short Documentary | won: Best Short Documentary    

Sing Song

dir. Mischa Kamp   Sign Song is a swinging musical about finding one’s own roots. A 16-year old  Jasmine goes together with a gitarist Stijn to Suriname to participate in a song contest. But the real reason of this trip is finding her mother.  

A Ride to Moresnet

dir. Luciënne Venner   This magical realistic thriller is a cinematographic research of a transformation, as a result of an identity crisis. Drawn by someone from the past, Sophia drives to Moresnet. On her way she keeps seeing different versions of the same man. After an encounter with a mysterious singer in a bar, a dance of […]

Side Roads

dir. Julia Sokolnicka   Provincial Poland as seen from the perspective of a car passenger. The film includes interviews with the drivers travelling through towns and villages across the country. Each of them has his own concerns but all remain seated behind the wheels of their own cars. Some of them work on the road, […]


dir. Laura Hermanides   A 12-year old Dolly is a bit boyish, but is keen to feel like a beautiful and seductive girl. A friend helps her with a dress and makeup. When she comes home, her parents have to leave unexpectedly and a friend of the family will be babysitting. A short movie about a  girl […]

Noord Oost Hard West

dir. Bart van den Aardweg   A closely-knit group of adolescent kickboxers trains every day at a boxing gym in the heart of Amsterdam West. Here the youths are confronted by the strict approach of the trainer. The boxing gym offers shelter and is a place for inspiration to strengthen them in the choices they […]


dir. Giancarlo Sanchez   Four friends are about to graduate from high school. In an impulse, they decide to steal the school exams. When they sell the exams to others, the group is caught up in a high of rowdiness. The group seems invincible, but as soon as the outside world catches onto the affair, […]


dir. Nico van den Brink   Careless Anton is the shining center of his family. When his parents get into financial trouble they try to shield him from it. But try as they might, they can’t hide their worries from him. Anton tries to regain his parent’s attention, but he takes his efforts past the […]